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Grassy Pavers

Grassy Pavers, made with a lattice design have a flat surface that forms a continuous pattern of concrete when installed. The open void allows for on-site infiltration of stormwater and revegetation. Designs can use topsoil and grass or aggregates in the grid openings depending upon desired effect.

The concrete grid stone reinforces grassy areas that are subject to wheeled or vehicular traffic. Typically an area that undergoes repeat vehicular traffic will become so compacted that the permeability of the soil structure is inhibited to the point. Grassy Pavers are made from a "no slump" concrete mix. Made under extreme pressure and high frequency vibrations, Grassy Pavers have a compressive strength greater than 4000psi, a water absorption maximum of 7%

4"h x 24"w x 16"d

Pavers per S.F.
.38 pc/S.F.

Pavers per Pallet
40 pc/Pallet

S.F. per Pallet
107 S.F./Pallet
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