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GreenSolutions Erosion Control Logs

GreenSolutions™ Erosion Control Logs, commonly called wattles, are a very effective sediment control measure. Available in a variety of sizes: 9", 12" and 18", additional diameters are available for more severe applications. Erosion Control Logs are contained by a biodegradable netting which is designed to last at least two construction seasons.

GreenSolutions™ Erosion Control Logs, when properly installed, reduce the rate of water flow, absorbing water and filtering sediment. A significant amount of sediment will drop out of the water behind the log during a rain event. Fiber is weed free and naturally biodegradable, enhancing the soil and helping vegetation become established. On steep slopes, logs used in conjunction with a properly designed and installed GreenSolutions™ erosion control blanket results in an effective BMP.

  • Easy to transport and install
  • A low cost solution to sheet and rill erosion problems
  • Flexible enough to conform to most applications
  • Helps establish and store moisture for native vegetation
  • Plastic netting is biodegradable and straw becomes incorporated into soil
Diameter: 9" 12" 18"
Standard Length: 10' 10' 10'
Weight ('± 10%): 16 lbs 33 lbs 52 lbs
Custom lengths available upon request

Mass Per Unit Weight (): 1.6 lbs/ft3.2 lbs/ft5.2 lbs/ft
Fiber Content % Straw or Rice:100%100%100%
Functional Longevity (months):12 mo.12 mo.12 mo.
Fiber Content:Agricultural Rice or Wheat StrawAgricultural Rice or Wheat StrawAgricultural Rice or Wheat Straw
Fiber Size: 80% of Fibers min. of 6" Long80% of Fibers min. of 6" Long80% of Fibers min. of 6" Long
Net Material:PolyethylenePolyethylenePolyethylene
Net Tensile: 24-3024-3024-30
Net Openings: HexagonalHexagonalHexagonal
Net ConfigurationFully EncasedFully EncasedFully Encased
In Stock: Straw. Available Upon Request: Coconut

· GreenSolutions Erosion Control Log Cutsheet

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