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Hydro Mulch

For over 30 years, Hydro Mulch® by Conwed Fibers, has proven its effectiveness in preventing soil erosion and enhancing seed germination. Independent university studies at the leading water research lab found that Hydro Mulch®, which is manufactured from recovered green wood ships, holds soil in place more effectively than 100% paper mulch and discarded waste wood mulch (see comparison chart). When mixed with seed and fertilizer, Hydro Mulch® forms a homogeneous slurry that ensures an evenly distributed stand of grass.

Advantages of Conwed Wood Hydro Mulch®

Hydro Mulch
  • Studies show Hydro Mulch® to be more effective at erosion control than waste paper mulch and discarded waste wood mulch.
  • One 60 lb. bale of Hydro Mulch® wood fiber covers the same surface area as 85 lbs. of waste paper mulch. This makes transportation easier and saves on the overall cost per project
  • The uncontaminated wood fiber of Hydro Mulch® holds ten times its weight in moisture, this enhancing seed survival rates.
  • After grass has germinated, Hydro Mulch® fibers badgered, adding nourishment to the soil

Shipment loading data: Thirty 60 lb. bales of Hydro Mulch on a stretch wrapped, double stacked pallet. 750 bales per trailer load.

Hydraulic mulching shall consist of the mixing of pure wood fiber mulch, grass seed, fertilizer and/or other agriculture approved additives with water. It shall be mixed in standard hydraulic mulching equipment to form a homogeneous slurry. The slurry shall be sprayed, under pressure, uniformly over the soil surface at the material application rate recommended by the equipment manufacturer. The hydraulic mulching equipment shall contain a motorized continuous agitation system that blends all materials in uniform suspension throughout the mixing and distribution spray cycles.

The mulch material shall consist of pure wood fibers manufactured expressly from clean wood chips. The chips shall be processed in such manner as to contain no lead paint, varnish, printing ink, petroleum based compounds or seed germination inhibitors. FIBER SHALL NOT BE PRODUCED FROM UNKNOWN ORIGIN RECYCLED MATERIAL SUCH AS SAWDUST, PAPER, CARDBOARD, OR RESIDUE FROM CHLORINE BLEACHED PULP AND PAPER MILLS.

The cellulose wood fibers of mulch must maintain uniform suspension in water under agitation and shall blend with grass seed, fertilizer and other additives to form a homogeneous slurry. Upon application, the mulch material shall form a blotter-like mat covering the ground. This mat shall have the characteristics of water absorption and percolation and shall cover and bond grass seed in contact with the soil.

The wood fiber mulch shall be dyed green to aid visual metering during application. They dye shall be biodegradable and not inhibit plant growth.

The wood fiber mulch shall conform to the following specifications:

Percent moisture content (maximum)12.5% ± 3.00%
Percent organic matter (wood fiber)99.2% ± 0.8% O.D. Basis
Percent ash content0.8% ± 0.2% O.D. Basis
PH4.8 ± 0.5
Water holding capacity (minimum)
(grams of water per 100 grams of fiber)

The wood fiber mulch shall be packaged in units not exceeding 100 lbs. and be suitable for outdoor storage up to six months.


Using standard hydraulic mulching equipment, pure wood fiber mulch, seed and fertilizer slurry shall be applied evenly over the soil surface in a one-step operation.
Flat soil surfaces
Slopes 3 to 1 or less
Critical areas*
Wood Mulch Application Rate
(minimum 1,500 lbs. per acre)
2,000 lbs. per acre
2,500 lbs. per acre

Potential slope instability, extreme low moisture availability or potential high intensity rainfall within 30 days after use.

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