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There is an alternative to the costly practice of removal and replacement of failed pavement sections prior to an asphalt overlay.

  1. Applied over cracks or joints on the old pavement prior to a new overlay, Polyguard underseals have been proven to:
    • Provide a permanent seal, even if the new pavement above the underseal cracks.
    • Reduces the amount and severity of cracking in the new pavement surface.
  2. Applied to bridge decks or parking garages prior to overlay, Polyguard underseal provides an impermeable barrier protecting steel rebar from moisture and corrosion.

On one project, the facility owner, who had planned removal and replacement of pavement sections, heard that he could save a significant amount on the project cost by applying Polyguard NW 75 Underseal to all joints and cracks. Not only was the project cost reduced, but the entire project was waterproofed. Water now cannot get through the joints and cracks of the concrete to the sub-base.

Key Properties of Polyguard Membranes are...
  • High Strength
  • Good Puncture Resistance
  • Impermeability to Moisture
  • Flexibility at Low Temperature

These properties enable the material to act as a permanent seal, even under cracked pavement. The same properties also help to reduce the amount and severity of cracking in the overlying pavement.

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