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High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat

With more than 10 times the strength of standard TRMs, our HPTRM tames even the steepest slope and aggressive storm water channel applications. And that makes it the perfect alternative to rock riprap and other hard armor products-especially when you're faced with sandy soils, UV-exposed sites, utility cuts and areas with maintenance equipment and other large vehicles. Our HPTRM is designed with construction that gives you the durability, dimensional stability and functional longevity you won't find in other permanent or degradable erosion control products. All of which is why it's considered the most sophisticated vegetation-enhancing mat on earth. Its exceptional UV resistance makes it the preferred TRM in arid and other applications with limited vegetated cover.

  • Uniquely designed for severe applications that require outstanding strength and superior vegetation growth
  • Provides long-term, non-degradable stability
  • Meets the definition of HPTRM as defined in the U.S. EPA Storm Water Fact Sheet, "Turf Reinforcement Mats," and FHWA FP-03 Specifications, Section 713.18
  • Slopes
  • Channels
  • Banks
  • Pipe Inlet/Outlet

Our HPRTM is a three-dimensional, lofty, geotextile specifically designed for erosion control applications on steep slopes and vegetated waterways. The material exhibits very high interlock and reinforcement capacity with both soil and root systems and demonstrates high tensile modulus and UV resistance.

Installation Information
Our HPTRM can be installed quickly and cost-effectively, requiring minimal labor and equipment expenses. For optimum results, it is important to follow proper installation procedures. Detailed installation guidelines are shipped with with each order.

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